yoyoexpert.org interviews?

Are there coming any new interviews on yoyoexpert.org soon? I really liked the JonRob one, but it is a bit older and there are still no new interviews.


I wouldn’t hold your breath.

I know, but it would still be cool if they could pick it up again and start having interviews with pro’s. that is the whole point

Same… it would be really cool if they make more… although video interviews would be better.

Moving in a new direction with interviews. Update coming within the month. :wink:

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Sweet! Can’t wait!!

Andre allways does this, (theres something that could make this site better, Andre’s already working on it) :slight_smile:

I think its his hair that gives him magical powers :stuck_out_tongue:

Well when you have someone that genuinely cares, that’s what happens. He takes things to a new level.