YoYoExpert Order History

This is thread is for showing off your YYE order history. I imagine there’s some pretty big lists out there and I’d love to see them. If you want to list trading cards, put a total of them instead of listing with each order. You can include any info you want, but you can just list the things. I’ll start

2/10/2012 - YYJ Dark Magic 2 solid black, Gen-Yo kevlar string white/black

3/1/2012 - Expert strings green, OD Code 2 green, Side Effects yellow ultra lights

4/18/2012 - Adegle yellow Asteroid, Crucial grooved bearing, Monkey Snot, YYSL Type X green/yellow

8/11/2012 - Monkey Snot

9/12/2012 - CLYW Avalanche red oak moss

9/19/2012 - CLYW Chief cool ghoul

10/8/2012 - CLYW pickaxe shirt, Kitty String noly and poly, String Theory buddha shirt

11/15/2012 - CLYW Puffin grey/purple/blue

2/24/2013 - CLYW Cliff jack rabbit

4/14/2013 - ILYY St. Eel

2/1/2014 - Kitty String 1.5, Konkave d bearing, depeche-yo’d Square Wheels Rex

whew… :smiley:

June 6th- YYJ fiestaXX and a 100 pack of YYE poly.

July 4th- G funk, YYF multitool

Oct. 2- YYF shutter

That’s it. I’ve gotten a few yoyos on BSTs and ebay though.