Yoyo Workshop Tornad-Yo... 1 in 10

Yoyo Workshop Tornad-Yo. It is very close to mint with one tiny unfeelable ding. It is a v. 1 raw 1 in 10 prototype. It has its problems but plays great for the first version. Will come with 10 neon orange slim kitty string, also it will come packed in the yoyoworkshop 10 of 10 box, it weighs 69.3 grams. The bearing is a yoyoworkshop 8 ball, black ball bearing. I want a trade for it or best offer, I would prefe to trade but if you have a good offer of money, I will see if I like it. Sorry for the edited pics, its the only good ones I have. THIS IS NOT A CONTEST GRADE YOYO, I would reccomend this to collectors or somebody who wants a fun throw.

It’s tempting to buy my own yo-yo back. :wink:

its amazing :’(