Yoyo wish/want list

I just thought I’d make a you wish/want list for myself, so any that may have any of the throws listed and willing to sell may hit me up and we can talk trades or selling.

Theres definitely some I want more than others so I’ll put I’ll put the most wanted first in no real order, thanks in advance to who checks it out :slightly_smiling_face::raised_hands:t4:

Note: (this is more for me just to know remember what I’m looking for I’m in no rush to get em asap, however if you do have any of them I’m still interested so pm me and thanks again)

Alter Ego (purple space jam colour only)
ASIA PACIFIC DRAUPNIR either colour is fine

44 Clash Draupnir

Pink Splash Sleipnir

SF PLSTC (blue only)

Mowl M+ (pink blue colour only)

SF Statement (only angelo)

YYR Onslaught (blue only)

Pariah (any colour but black)

YYR VALKYRIE (red only)

SUMMIT (McKinley, mint berry, or yellow splash only)

Akita (Japan edition only)

Canvas (claireview blizzard or pink splash only)
BBB WM2 BBB Cheif too

Anglam PNCL (copper only) but maybe white

Puffin 2 (rafmgn colour only)

I encourage you guys to make your own posts with ur wants/wishes too, I think it would be cool🙌🏽


I may add more in the future, also think I got this idea inspired by @fatguysnacks247 so thank you my friend

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my man and his alter ego… that’s like @Ryanm7277 and his zombiebeaver orca… or @Yoyo_Garden’s ashberry summit… there’s really no such thing in existence… they’ve just been tricked into believing it :wink:

edit: and thanks bud! glad i ould help… didn’t mean to crush your dreams :grimacing:


I know it’s out there… somewhere… :eyes:looks off to the sunset

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I have an awesome dyed SF PLSTC? I can PM pictures.

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What colour is it dyed?

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I’ll PM.

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I’ll start with these:

2016 Benchmark W - nickel

VTWO - powder coated white

Trident - silver/gold

Fireball - orange/white

I don’t know what this is, but it is so pretty I wants it!


Ouu :open_mouth:Those are very nice but I think we should do this in our own posts otherwise peoples we’ll end up to far back

@rnsy this guy wants a McKinley seven summits, Norbert on Facebook has that Pinkerton summit and Jordan bleisner might have that bbb wooly marmot 2 and someone just posted bbb cheif on Facebook

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If we each create our own threads, I’m fairly certain the forum mods will combine them into one thread anyway.


Ah if that’s true fair enough I guess aha

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Yupyup saw the bbbs on fb

That’s a cheif no?

u should change the title to just yoyo wish/wants cuz other ppl are likely to post here too

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I no particular order
Gnarwhal chut chut

Rainbow trout scout

Delirium dive cheif or canvas


That looks like a CLYW Chief that was customized by @yoyospirit


Well I can tell you its definitely a chief ano not sure but I’ve seen the blue version of it


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