Yoyo tricks 'n elements - things you do without Youtube...

I noted in another thread about my lackluster internet performance and how it is hindering my abilities to learn anything new as videos these days take an eternity to buffer if they even buffer at all. With this said, there’s a few tricks I learned off of the Tube and decided to mess around with them, as well as accidentally running into other things when failing to do a trick (like Jade Whip). This was kind of quickly thrown together as 1: my card had ran out of space and 2: it started to rain in this rather dry and crispy state you may know as California.

Anyway, here’s some stuff I’ve been doing. Each move was kind of done at a time, a bit broken to show/demo somewhat how to do it. It’s not a full blown tutorial but still probably worth checking out.

In the mean time, if you are reading this lovely ISPs, quit throttling Youtube!

Awesome! I believe “A triangle” is already a trick, but the carrot trick and its alternative is freakin cool :slight_smile:

Yea, just accidentally found yet another way to get into a triangle when I failed to release the string for a Jade Whip, thought I’d throw it into the mix of things I had been playing with.

very nicely done. it all looks good.

looks good meng. definitely gonna pick some stuff up.

Pretty neat tricks man im also working on developing my own stuff i feel little restricted guess because of my own mind because i watched and learned so many trick toutorial vids just trying to get out of being too technical i have gotten back to trowing for about the last 8 months so i have a ways to go keep up the good work really appericiate you sharing with everyone

I still honestly feel pretty restricted but noticing some changes in a good way, feel like I’m just starting to hatch out of that egg.

I don’t want you all thinking that I made these tricks up as I technically didn’t, but have stumbled up on other ways of pulling these moves off.

Hopefully in the coming weeks I can just record a little jam session piecing all of these together and then some…maybe a “freestyle” if you want to call it that.

I also love Carrot Escape - quite a simple trick but still very flashy. Here’s a detailed tutorial if anyone is stuck… I think I first learnt it in 2012.

With your internet not playing videos very well, you might check out http://archive.sector-y.com/tricks/string_tricks/index.php if you haven’t been there before. They have illustrations of quite a few tricks, a handful of which I don’t believe are in the YYE tricks section.