Yoyo String Rig


So, I’ve decided to take on the task of designing/making a yoyo string rig, with the help of my dad. I found a couple of good pictures of systems that seem legit. I think I could figure out most of this, but I have a bunch of important questions.

First off, which motors should I use? I found this and this, but I’m not sure if it would be fast enough, and I’m not sure If round motors would be better. Also, how would I attach hooks to these? I can’t think of anything besides welding.

Second, I see that most people are using drawer slide things to allow the rig to slide towards the hooks on the other end. Such as this guy:

He says he used an elastic band, but how would he use rubber bands for the system to add tension to the slide?

Third, I found this video which is extremely helpful:

And I might be copying several of his ideas. (hehe) I understand what is going on, but at 1:40 he seems to be using a hook that spins freely. Any idea what this might be?

Thanks for the help.

Rc motor :wink:

Here is my rig. It is a compact, single string set up since I don’t have room in my house or garage to leave it out at all times. It is hinged in the middle so it can be folded up and stored in a closet.

Oh, interesting! So you don’t have anything preventing the drawer slider from sliding, it just resists the movement by itself?

Also, how did you get a hook to attach to the motor?

There is a resistance spring attached to the back of the block holding the motor. I crimped a terminal ring for wires to the motor axle.

No offense but the first one looks way to sloppy for me.

The only problem with the first one is that your making multiple strings at once. It would probably be hard to make all of them equal, and it wouldn’t save that much time. I put most of my time into actually wrapping the thread.

First and foremost I use a premium string that costs 2 to 3 times as much as the one’s I see being used. For me I hand wind each and every string that I make. I can’t bring myself to make a jig and “knock out” ten strings at once and have a less than perfect string. My name is on everything I do and I stand behind each and every string or mod that I do, guaranteed satisfaction. Looking for the quick and easy way out like jigs doesn’t float for me.

Do yourself a favor and wind them up by hand the quality will be there that way.

He probably just has a swivel on the end of a paperclip, or something like that.

If you notice the controller he can make one to five at a time. There is a switch for each motor.

I haven’t seen strings that loose since I tried on a pair of my dad’s pants when I was five. :o

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[s]What’s with the hate? I mean if you don’t like the idea of using a rig, you don’t have to make 3 separate critical posts, you could say all this much more respectfully. That post was pretty random and rude, so let me explain what I’m doing.

I use premium string too, if you are talking about the thread, I know at least one major string company that I’m nearly certain uses a rig that makes more than one string at a time and several whose main string type is the same string I do, and it’s relatively inexpensive. $6 a spool. The ones the person in the video is using costs about $5 a spool. SO basically you’re saying that you use $10-$15 spools, which unless it’s silk or nylon, that’s a ripoff.

Also, I make my strings one by one. But, rigs do not automatically mean less quality. I’m looking for a way to make my same quality strings, only faster. The point of the rig is to be able to spin all the strings at once, and one of my goals is to have a system where I spin all the strings at once, but if one of the theads is not spun enough I can flick a switch and only that motor would spin, like in the first picture.

And what do you mean by hand winding? If you mean actually spinning the string with your hand, that takes way too long (I’ve tried it) and I can make the same quality string if not better with a drill. If you mean a drill, the only difference between a rig and a drill is you can make more than one at once.

Oh, and I’m sorry if I took your post the wrong way.

I’m not sure what you’re talking about…the first picture? Because all those multicolored “threads” are the wiring. And also how would you see loose strings when you try on loose pants?

Nevermind, pretend this never happened. I stand by what I said but not by how I said it.

Cool your jets son! First off you have no idea about my strings where and what I buy them for. Secondly my strings NEVER hit the floor, let alone concretee, period. Just goes to show what kind of product is out there. If your about speed knock yourself out if your about quality then do it the right way. Or shoot me a pm and I’ll put you on track.

And yes you took my post a bit to hard.

Chill a bit fellas. No need for a web fight…

I know one of the best and most consistent strings out there are made on a 10 or more string rig. Look at G-Strings. Ham Strings. Toxic strings. Kitty strings. None of them are made one by one. They all have some serious quality. Also if a string hits the floor, does that mean it’s bad? I just don’t understand what all of the hostility is about. They are just strings after all.

So cool your jets. Both of you…

No beef here. We’re talking out some ideas on the pm.

String on the concrete? Really? Pulls, dirt and complete lack of respect unless it’s you own.

Only if your concrete is dirty. :stuck_out_tongue: Use a broom brother. :wink:

Wow, string is serious stuff, I guess. Single string rigs v.s. multi string rigs: quality is really a matter of correct operation or operator error. Some people have a special nuance for certain things and can make things work.

If only I was a troll, such potiential in this thread ;).

So mulicaboob, let me get his straight, you literally twist your string by hand? No drill; hand over hand; finger twist by finger twist? When do you have time to actually yoyo my man!?

Even I’m not that insane. When I say by hand I mean from start to finish no jigs or rails or slides and the twist is done under power by hand.

I think for me using a jig takes the feel out of it. If people who do use them have success then that’s perfectly fine. I like to be in contact with the string till the end.

Too each his own I guess and I never said not to use them or try to make a jig. I simply stated they are to “sloppy” for me.

So a broom would keep strings from snagging on the concrete?