YoYo Store in NC

Does anyone know of a YoYo store in NC?

I would like to be able to try one before I buy one.

I am in the greater Raleigh area and have called a bunch of random places, but to no avail.

Yeah you are pretty much out of luck. Just check out all the reviews on certain yo-yos that have something in common with yo-yos you already like.

I bought a journey off the site today so I will try that out.

But, there are no yoyos I really like yet, since this is my first real one.

Journey is a great choice.

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there are a couple in the asheville area if you are goin to be around there. Just shoot me a pm if you want the specs.

Toy city in Cary towne center mall now carries all yomegas

I bet if you contact the yoyo group just above Charlotte they would be happy to have you and meet up with you. Even let you try their yoyos and get a broad range of yoyos you may like.

Here is their thread