Yoyo/Skill Toy Stories

Hello everyone… just peeking in after a looong absence, glad to see things are going well

anyway, Im curious to see if people have any interesting stories to share… anything from injuries to shocking people to winning worlds XDD…

Back in 2012, [some time just before YYE started distributing Kendamas] I went to Japan for a construction project, and regretfully, I didnt bring a throw with me, which I usually do when Im traveling… anyway, it was there that I discovered what a kendama is, and to my delight and amusement children there [and even adults] love things that involve skill… a group of teenagers were circled up, each trying their hand at kendama-ing and they introduced me to it, showing me the “airplane” and other various tricks… after getting to know each other for a little bit, they prompted me to give it a try… I could feel how they are similar to yoyoing, so I asked for another kendama, popped the balls up, and nailed them on the first try … their faces were priceless ^.^

anyone else? please share ^.^