Yoyo polish sanding and ac effecting coating.

How do you polish the yoyo I’ll be giving the Yoyofactory Shutter a bimetal look by sanding the rims.
How do you do it.
What kind of drill you need and what’s the difference between wet and dry sandpaper.
And what’s the method to do it.

And I’ve read somewhere that air conditioning can effect yoyo coating or anodization it this correct?

And here’s the pic of Yoyofactory Shutter.

i just put the axle in the part where the drill bit goes in, tighten it, turn it on then sand wherever you want it to. starting with lower # of grit and going progressively higher. You can then polish it with metal polish with a rag.

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Wet sandpaper or dry pros and cons?

Sanding wet will give you better results, but you have to keep it wet as you go… it’s a -very- messy process if done this way.

Dry can work too, just have to work at it a bit more and getting a true mirror finish is quite a bit harder.

The key with either is starting low and working up slowly… with no major damage you can start at 120 and work up from there, if you need to remove some serious scuffs then maybe 60… wouldn’t go lower than that.

From there work up one increment at a time (you can skip some in the middle… using 400 instead of 320 for example) until you get the result you want. For a true mirror polish you’ll have to go very high, possibly the 1000 range, and then switch to a polishing compound… if you just want satin you can stop quite a lot earlier.


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Yo k thanks both.

Did you happen to look here:

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