Yoyo Pokemon Game

You want to be the very best (at yoyoing) like no one ever was
Similar to how Pokemon have types (water, fire, grass electric etc.) Yoyo’s have types too. (V shape, H shape, Organic, hubstack, plastic, low budget, undersized, oversized etc.)

If you were going on a journey and had to pick 6 yoyo’s to form your “team” which ones would they be and which types would you have to create a diverse team?

Ill start:

  1. 70705 Genesis (7075 type)
  2. Supernova (V shape type)
  3. Hubstack Genesis (Hubstack type)
  4. Shutter (low Budget type)
  5. SEVERE (Plastic type)
  6. Puffin 2 (Semi Organic/Other Type)

seems pretty diverse and deadly lol.

Gambit summons Sleipnir!

Opponent fled!

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