Yoyo physics book

Where can I get yoyo physics book by Don Watson version 1-3
I found 4 and 5 in removed will never restock 1-3!

Don’t talk about other stores please.

You seem to break the rules alot. Maybe take a look at them.

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You can try tracking down Don Watson directly… I believe he still sells the books himself.

Or you can bug yoyoexpert to stock the books, they’re very good.

You don’t actually need to read them in order, though the concepts do kinda build on each other. If you understand the math, they don’t ‘need’ to be in order… though you’ll want them all simply to cover each topic.


I didn’t know.


Really no need to bump this. The answers given are not going to change. The books that are available are only available at another store or maybe from the author as previously stated.

Will you pm me a link to the website selling them?