Yoyo parts name

What is yoyo parts name?(bearing axel etc) And what is diameter/width/gap width in yoyo means?

Yoyo parts name?

Well there’s the Bearing, axle, halves…

Diameter is how big the side of the yoyo is, going from one side to another, intersecting through the middle. Like This:

The gap width is the part wear the bearing is in, thinner gap=responsvie, wider gap=unresponsive, too wide=bad yoyo. :stuck_out_tongue: A pic so you can see what I mean:

The width is the wideness of the yoyo, like going from one side of the yoyo to the other side of the yoyo, this way:

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is this what you mean?

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Some things are obvious.

Diameter: largest diameter of the rims.

Width: from end to end, bearing in the middle.

Gap: Distance between halves, showing how much bearing is exposed.

To get the size of the halves, subtract the gap, then divide by 2.

Spacers: Usually metal items used mostly in plastic yoyos. The spacer goes into the yoyo, and the bearing sits on the space. The axle goes through the spacer and the bearing and then the other space and then screws into the other half.

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Yes this is what i meant
But i want to know more about yoyo parts and where are that parts?

Look at the pictures above and these - pretty much explains what there is to a yoyo. The yoyo body is also know as the shell.

Here’s a bearing - the shiny cylinder in the middle.

Here’s an axle - the screw in the middle.

I think his visual aids were nice though.

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I tried. I wasn’t sure what he meant.

Icthus got it done right.

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