Yoyo "Must Halves"

If you could have half of a yoyo which would it be. And I don’t want to hear “half an X so I can half swap”.

I’d go for half of an Hour Glass (Great mini ant farm)

Or a Meteor (Perfect for an on the go mirror)

Half of a Wet Whistle to take shots from.

a fiesta xx to put candy,food or liquid in the halves

Half of a peak. So I could sell it for 600$

Half an MG. put it in a display case… Tada!

made me giggle, well played!

Half a C3 BTH to use as a puck

no. Superwide.

Half of a Big yo.

To eat cereal out of.

Half a Jirorian
Eat ramen out of it.

Half of a superstar.

Good for open glas bottles like this xD: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=60Jsl08207M

You have been promoted to Captain.

Half a tondo. Use it as a coaster.

Half a Long hubstacked G5 to use as a spin top.

Half of any dyed 3yo3, I could frame it

ohhhh yessssss!!!

The Pyramid, for terraced farming.