Yoyo liquidation! FS

Hey y’all! I’m helping my wife sell off some of her personal collection. These will all be shipped by me.
Prices include shipping within the USA

KnotCreators Goods:
Glacier IceWoof: NMTBS, hard to come by these days! One of our favorite bimetals of all time. 65$
Impulsive PLUR: Plays buttery smooth and my favorite colorway. 30$GONE
Proto Shibari V2: This is a 1 of 4 prototype of the yoyo that started the Knotcreators company! The V2 was the yoyo that became the finalized production Shibari and the final run didn’t have the blasting that we did on this proto. Minty fresh and a piece of history. 60$GONE

Proto Custom ano Shibari V1!
This was one of one proto of the original Shibari design!
Custom ano by Melford, we changed the V1 design due to some slight vibe, but interestingly, after ano, this V1 ended up having no vibe at all and is dead smooth making this an extremely special piece. This is what started it all.Minty fresh. 95$

Proto PLUR V1
The first version of the PLUR which was a tiny bit wider than the production run. The little difference makes it play a bit floatier which is really cool. 45$

SoSerious Chronos. (SOLD)
One of the most unique yoyos I’ve ever thrown. Really don’t see these often anymore. Great condition and includes original box! 80$

CLYW Gnarwhal.
Favorite CLYW. Awesome colorway, has a tiny micro flat spot that doesn’t break ano and is very hard to see. Fresh and smooth. 70$

Thanks for looking!



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