yoyo/kendama for sale, LF One Drop MMC (updated)

one star light blue 5
C3 token scratch and dinged but smooth 15
Handturned wooden fixies ash and mahogany free with purchase
Pocket pro plastic free with purchase
extra strings
mint galaxy horizon 65 smooth
mint golden galaxy too hot 65 smooth
og genesis green splash few lil dings still dead smooth no vibe. 40

open to trades
if you have any questions or want to see other pics just message me.
LF: One Drop, CLYW
I have 13 packs of unopened cards if anyone collects thoseā€¦

also have some kendama for sale too
handturned mahogany and oak ken with sunrise dama 25
near mint cherry kaizen white 30
Mint white ozora 25
mint og light blue ozora 45
Krom yellow 10
walnut krom ken 10
Kendama USA red. 8
cherry wood terra pill 10
handturned oak slightly bigger pill 15
extra strings

is for

the kids