YOYO Horsepower... Thread

Hello there …
There have been many posts about how good is this yoyo ,how well it plays, durability etc…

Here’s a thread yoyo horse power :red_car::red_car::steam_locomotive::steam_locomotive::racehorse::racehorse:

What does it mean??:innocent::innocent::innocent:

It means that there will 7 criterias each criteria will be 100 horse power
Marks will be given as dash out of 100 per criteria …:sunglasses::sunglasses:

Here’s whats the definition of criterias … :+1:

  1. Playability… Means how well it plays like it plays very good but not good for grinds it will be like 70 horsepower… So if its all good for grinds and plays exellent then it will be like 100 horse power… :racehorse::racehorse::horse_racing::horse_racing:

  2. Durability… How’s much it durable mostly for plastics.:trophy::trophy:

  3. Value for money… Do you think the yoyo is value for money…

  4. Speed… How fast it plays…:helicopter::airplane::helicopter:

  5. Feel… Totally your opinion on how it feels weight , size should be taken in consideration.:baggage_claim::+1::innocent:

  6. Colors… How good are the colors available…:sparkler::tada::balloon::gift::confetti_ball::birthday:

  7. Stability… How much is the yoyo stable…:gift::+1::+1:
    Here’s an example.

Yoyo … Yoyofactory Shutter.

Playability… 80 or 85 horse power.

Durability… 90 horse power.

Value for money… 70 or 80 horse power.

Speed… 70 or 75 horse power…

Feel… 80 or 85 horse power…

Color… 70 horse power…

Stability… 85 or 90 horse power…

Total… 435 or 450 out of 700 .

Means pretty good…:trophy:

This was an example …:innocent:

If you want to know opinions on yoyos post in this thread people who have that yoyo or played with it will tell you… :sunglasses::sunglasses::racehorse::racehorse::gift::+1:

How do you like this idea any suggestions on other criterias post it or pm …:+1::+1::sunglasses::slight_smile::innocent:

Sorry I think that makes things a lot more complicated than it is. I mean, for example some people actually want their yoyos to not be too available for general public, exclusivity plays a role too, so in this case less “available” points actually better.
Also how good a yoyo is is completely subjective, one might say he loved his yoyo X so much while someone else don’t like it.

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Oh thanks for your suggestion… You’re saying that the opinion varies from person to person on yoyos by that’s the point they can cut the points on feel section and say that I don’t personally like this yoyos feel but if you like the yoyos size weight etc you can buy it… And the person can still give points on other criterias… And as you said that this makes things a lot complicated but look from an beginner perspective… Looking to buy a yoyo and he sees that this yoyo has got an good rating… Yes you’re right on the availability … Thanks for your time and suggestion…

Shutter is 200 hp for value for money.

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Protostar is like a 700 HP haha

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