Yoyo freestyle "ban list"?

In lots of trading card games, some video games, etc. the official competitive rulesets often ban certain cards, characters, strategies, etc. for various reasons. Do you think something like this could ever be implemented in competitive yoyoing to a positive effect? I had a conversation with William Murphy about this at Nationals and I think it’s an interesting thought experiment.

For example, in Yu-Gi-Oh, Pot of Greed is a banned card. It’s one card that lets you draw two cards from your deck at no cost. It’s basically never a bad thing to have in your hand, and there’s no good reason for every single deck not to include this card, so it was taken out of the meta. What are your feelings on a similar “ban” or decision not to score ubiquitous elements in yoyoing?


Amazing question. I like this idea but I’m not sure if it is very viable for competition. I’d definitely choose hooks after 2018 freestyles for this :joy: