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Serious question.

Am I allowed to  use tennis balls, juggling balls, detached counterweights, or hacky sacks in my freestyle? This is pertaining to Sports Freestyle Division. Thank you for your response.

I am asking this question due to the nature of the rules:

“All contestants must conduct their freestyle with the safety of the audience, the venue, the equipment, and themselves in mind. Contestants performing in an unsafe manner may be disqualified at the discretion of the judges.”

“The contestant is only allowed to bring yo-yos, strings, counter-weights, gloves (or equivalent items), a backup music CD for competition, and a tray provided by contest officials onto the stage.”




This rule should answer your question. You can’t bring things like tennis balls or other props onto the stage for your performance. If you do, you will either be disqualified or the judges will refuse to score you for any actions involving those items.


I argue that a ball is an “equivalent item.” Shouldn’t it be allowed in the same way Paul Kerbel is allowed to use his hat?

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Ok, although it’s just for fun - a combination of yoyo and juggling. Any disqualification risk and can I still perform?

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That is clearly in direct violation of the rule that you copied and pasted here yourself, and yes, you will be disqualified.


Fair enough.