yoyo contest question

I currently live in Amman Jordan which is in the middle east and i was just wondering will yoyo contests ever make it the to middle east.

Good question! There’s contests in Europe, and far east like Japan, so It’s only logical that they put one right in between the two!

Yes, but I don’t think those are too close. The closest would probably be Japan, China, Asia Pacific, maybe some others…not too many though (sadly).

the problem is i come to the states every summer,buffalo new york but the nationals usually happen in fall i just hope they will come to the middle east

IYYO, International yoyo open, happens around the beginning of August in New York.

From Jordan, the closest you will get is probably some european contest. I heard rumors of a european championship in Prague. I think the contest will move around every year, much like the EYYM. If the yoyoing scene grows big enough in the middle east, contests may appear, but that’s the future.

that’s the point, yoyoing in amman is really popular every where look around there is people playing with yoyos and i am not taking about some $2 china yoyo i’m taking about yoyojam and yoyofactory.

i was walking in the mall and i see this kid playing with a legacy and luckily i had my new breed and he showed me a couple of tricks like yukki slack and spirt bomb and told me if i can top that so when i did it he was amazed because i was doing it so fast.

i think there is something in turkey but im not positive.

Well here is how it all actually happens.

An individual decided that he/she wants to have a contest in their location.
Finds out if there is enough people that will come to make it happen.
Has to find ways to judge it. Then he/she makes a cheap site and then starts to ask for sponsors. If I were you I would either ask my father to help get a competition going yourself OR just do it yourself. Adam Brewster started the one in Oklahoma. I think he was only 17 or 18 at that time.

Go for it Bro. You will have a blast.

If you can’t find any judges then I suggest peer judging. That means everyone that competes will write down a score from 1 to to 20. Then you add them up for each person and then the highest # wins and so on.

Good Luck!

thats a really good idea but i have to start small

Was TOTALLY just about to suggest this. Thats what i did when I had enough yoyoers in my city to have a competition