Yoyo Contest (by Region)

Here will be a small guide on contests held in certain regions. Regions are classified by the National Yoyo League’s Region Map:


Pacific Northwest:
Pacific Northwest Regionals
Idaho States

Central Pacific:
National Yoyo Contest
Bay Area Classic
California States
Utah States

Southwest (West Coast) :
West Coast Regionals
Bill Liebowitz Classic
Arizona States
Redondo Yoyo Contest

Midwest Regionals
Triple Crown of Yoyo
Kansas States
Minnesota States
Wisconsin States
Illinois States

South Central:
South Central Regionals
Texas States

Mideast Regionals
Ohio States

Northeast Regionals
New York States
Massachusetts States
New Hampshire States

Virginia Beach Classic
Pennsylvania States
Virginia States

Southeast Regionals
Georgia States
Florida States

If I missed any contest, please reply below.

Semi-pro yoyo throwdown in AZ. This is the first time it will be held though, so I’m not sure if it’s going to be a recurring thing.

I’m a little late but there was a new hampshire one earlier this year

Got this

Unless it is recurring, then I do not have plans to add it. If it is going to happen again, just notify me and I will put it up on the list.

Just thought I’d bump this. I find it kind of useful and hate having to go to the 3rd page whenever I want to see it.

In the west coast there is redondo yoyo contest.

Idaho State Yo-Yo Contest

Those two have been added

For a list of upcoming scheduled events got to: http://www.yoyocontest.com/

Texas States! (Unless if I missed it in the list) ;D

Nope, I’d forgotten that one. Thanks

I think you have national in the wrong region. Chico is up north, Probably in the central Pacific region.

You are correct. Thank you