Yoyo Coming in 2 months ??

Hey guys. I ordered a new Magic Yoyo N12 from Amazon. It says its going to ship on April 9-10. It also says Delivery Estimate is May 2-20 ?? Is that normal for Magic Yoyo? The product is also sold by Vktech ( One of Amazon’s trusted members or something ). I got it for $16 and I also got free shipping. Am I being scammed ? I dont think so but I thought I’d ask. I guess thats what I get for paying $16 lol :stuck_out_tongue: I guess I will just have to play with my brothers Whip until it comes lol.

China is a long ways away.

Mine only took about 2 weeks to arrive from china.
Even if you have to wait a long time it will be worth it.

…Or if you don’t wanna wait long you can get a t5 or t8 from a domestic retailer for like $11. :wink:

Its probably the retailer that and also it’s a long way to get it from china to here because it also has to cross international borders which means they have to check the package.

They usually overestimate to compensate for any bumps (customs, etc) that the yoyo might come across. A package coming from Asia shouldn’t take any longer than like 10 business days