YoYo Club in Vancouver WA *UPDATE*


EDIT: Hey guys! The owner of Kazoodles toys in Vancouver WA would like to hire someone to help run here yoyo club! YoYoFactory will also be supporting this club and you will be given free product to demonstrate and to help promote yoyoing to the community. You will be responsible for teaching the kids how to yoyo, the club would meet once or twice a month at Kazoodles toys! If anyone is interested in running or joining this club please email me at cory@yoyofactory.com. Thanks guys!


If you are talking about Vancouver BC in Canada, then there already is a club there. Talk to Mryoyothrower, he is the organizer and a really cool guy.


I’m talking about Vancouver WA as stated in the subject line.


Haha, sorry, the only Vancouver I have ever heard of is Vancouver BC, sorry for my incompetence…however there also are several yoyoers in Portland, yoyogeezer and zigzag97 being another one, you could give them a pm.


Bump! Updated!