yoyo club advice


im trying to start a yoyo club and kinda trying to raise money to buy pro-z,velocity,or spinstars for everyone to try to learn on but cant afford to buy everyone a yoyo and cant charge people to buy a yoyo so what can i do to raise money?? help!


Very ambitious of you starting the club. I would encourage potential club members to purchase their own yo-yo, and in the meantime, for visitors, you might want to just have a few beaters on hand for people to share. Most people don’t throw the whole time anyway. I’m a member of NH Yo-Yo Club and we started a donation thread. Collected a variety of 44 throws to solve that problem. But your feedback and posts are low at this time, so I don’t know if it would work as well in this instance. PM me specifics about your club, and maybe I can help out. :slight_smile:


The first thing to do when starting a club is to find a couple of people who YoYo then pick a date and time and put some flyers up and post a thread on YYE. Getting donations was great for our club to bring in new people when we are out at meets. I had a couple meets in the beginning where it was just myself and one other person but its grown now just takes time. Let me know if you got any other questions.


When my friends and I started a yo-yo club we asked people to give us money, then we ordered yyj classics for them. It seemed to work out.


*we asked the club members


My club did a bake sale, we got like 80$ plus you get lots of advertisement.


what I would do is first get the word out one that its easy just make donations and get a fellow yoyoer help out by help setting it up and stuff as well as that you and also ask a local library for a place to do it I know they always want monthly stuff to get people to go to there library plus they will be fascinated by that as well!