Yoyo CAD & Prototyping Adventures

I don’t have calipers and I didn’t know that’s what “those measuring things everyone used in yoyo videos” were called, but I definitely want to get one now. Also, I forgot to round the corners, I’ll be sure to do that since it does look kind of dangerous. Thank you guys for the tips and advice, I had a lot of fun designing the yoyo and can’t wait to get started on either updating this design or making a new one entirely.


my first try at a fixed axle woody, the roundabout!

70 mm diameter, 48 mm width


its definitely an addicting process

just made one more, the cistern!

53g, 40 mm width, 60 mm diameter


Hi there, i need help with my CAD model. I am making a yoyo on TinkerCAD and I am looking for help. Please give me any advice on the model and I also need an axle 10mm axle model. Thanks. 3D design project_nitrogen/crash_002 | Tinkercad

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Fusion 360 offers a free for personal use version which may be a better option for CAD. Allows you to import models for the entire McMaster-Carr catalogue, which would help with you issue finding a 10mm axle model. Just food for thought, and the prototype you’re making looks awesome! Cheers

You can drop in a ~4mm diameter 10mm long cylinder to block out the axle location and check for things like the cup not being in too close to the axle. Just as a quick option while modeling.

For your design, it has lots of pointy edges that you should dress up with fillets (probably 1.5mm radius for the outermost edge, smaller is fine for other corners).

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Yes i know that but it’s part of a school project and they only let me use tinkercad

But i need the axle render so i can just make it a hole shape. then i don’t have to drill it.