Yoyo CAD drawings- help please

So i got rhino 3d cad software. And I have been trying to design a yoyo from it, but I have no idea how the process works. Is there any sort of help area anywhere, or a tutorial? I have been messing with it for a day, and I cannot do anything with it.

I am open to getting pretty much any software out there, so its not specific to rhino cad.
I cannot do any of it. I can make a sphere and thats about it. I know somebody must know how.

Thank you.
(This might be in the wrong place. Move it if it is.)

Mess with it in 2D for a while, just do some profiles and get used to the comand buttons.
Then extrude a few things and subtract some shapes. It’s kinda fun to play with. You’ll get it.