Yoyo CAD cross sections.

We’ve been getting a flood of questions regarding yoyo design, wall thickness, weight placement, etc. I think it’d be helpful for you to see what a yoyo looks like in cross section. Here are a few of ours to ponder.






Very cool Shawn. It would be interesting to see the Cascade followed by Avalanche and then the Summit to see how they really look “merged” Very cool stuff there!!!

That is pretty cool.

I have seen it many times and I am always impressed with how thin the Sovereign walls are compared to the rest.

Just for giggles I would love to see the Original Project CAD compared to the rest.

I found a Project 2 CAD at one point. Can’t find it now. I saved all of these pictures instantly. It’s so great for a well acclaimed company like One Drop to do something like this. VERY useful.

ProjectTwo as originally posted at the yyn forum:

These are cool to look at. Thanks OD.

It’s amazing how thin the walls are on the Sovereign, do you by any chance know the inner wall thickness off the back of your head?

.02 inches or .5mm

With all due respect, that Dietz CAD doesn’t look quite right to me. In my opinion, (And I’m studying the cup of my Dietz as I’m saying this) shouldn’t it look more like the red line in this picture?

Just wondering. I’m pretty familiar with my Dietz.

I believe you are correct. Wrong version. Try this:

I’d like to see cross sections made available for ALL yoyos. It should be standard industry procedure, with a picture right below the spec sheet on every store page. No matter how many photos are available, it’s pretty much impossible to figure out how the weight is distributed.

Just like size, weight and shape, weight placement is a factor people can have strong personal preferences for. In fact, I’d say it’s the single most important factor in how a yoyo plays. The way things are now, there’s little way to determine it until you’re holding the yoyo in your hand. I’d like to see this change.

While it would be nice, it’s like giving away the key to making a great playing yoyo. Make it distributed the same way, and it will play the same way. It’s like giving away the schematics to an iPhone, then anyone with the right equipment can make one.

One drop gave out the cad codes for the project, yet I dont know of anyone who made one or knows how

As far as I know, One Drop is the ONLY company that has EVER posted pictures of the yoyo CAD. ILYY has some of their design’s lasered into acrylic, but that’s about it from what I know.

I think Dingo was referring to this:

To their credit, once OneDrop discontinued the Project they publicly posted the CAD code for anyone with access to a CNC lathe to make their own. Here’s that code…if you’re feeling industrious and want to make a batch of these for yourself, go right ahead!

Click here to download the NC code for making a OneDrop Project YoYo on a CNC mill.

I understand why companies would be reluctant to make their cross-sections available (Chinese knockoffs, gramma’s secret family recipe, etc), but if there was a demand, and other companies started manning up and following suit, it would become standard practice. If a company choose to abstain, the absence would be duly noted by future consumers. I seem to be a one man chorus on this matter though, and it would take a lot of pressure and consumer demand to enact such a change.

As an alternative, I’d like to see the Chrises use a set of calipers in their reviews, to help them give more exact and in-depth analysis. A cheap set of outside calipers only costs like five bucks.

Around what range is the thickness of a wall? Is it like 2mm-4mm?