Yoyo Book Sets/kits

You may have seen these at a variety of stores. They are trick books that come with a couple of yoyo’s. I picked one up today from Barnes and Noble. The book goes through all the fundamentals with a wierd Americanized manga style. It came with two yoyo’s one that has a spike on one side for use as what I think is a spin top, but is does not unscrew; the sides of this yo yo kinda of twist like they are not locked down, great looper. The other is a light up yoyo that unscrews, can barely loop, loud. Both I think are fixed axle although the loud one might be trans. I will do a full review on the set once I go through every trick on both of the yoyo’s.

So have yoyo seen these kits’s/sets, what do you think about them? Do you think they could turn kids off from yoyoing for forever.

I just wanted to here your opinion on these things.

My friend that i recently introduced to yoyos got one from his grandma and it came with to light up yoyos. The hardest trick was rock the baby and at the the end it says your ready to compete after you learn all the tricks :smiley:

the one I just got say there are hundreds more tricks to master. also the art work shows what appear to be modern metal throws


here is the one I got today just to test it and review it.

I picked up the other one from barnes and noble, the one with two clutch yoyo’s, it goes all the way into to handed looping and stuff. So it will be seem to time before I can post a review of the set some time around sunday. The yoyo’s are crappy but if you leave them stock it is just a cheapo clutch yoyo. But the book in this one is an actual trick book

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First off I don’t find those Yoyo trick book sets help with anything know that there are far better yo-yos out there with what they make for a book. However for trick learning I find it works much better video wise because I don’t about you but I actually have to see the trick to do it instead of nonmoving pictures. Which can make it very hard to explain something’s.

I got them as part of a series of reviews. kind of an expose