Parragon Publishing "Master Spectacular Tricks" Yoyo kit

This set was purchased at a big box book store. Also this is meant to be a look into these sets and do they live up to the promises that they make.

On first impression the two yoyo’s look decent, your standard modifier shape. I open up the box to get a look at the book. I open it and WTF, it only 12 tricks, skipping picture tricks. Hardly all the classics. The artwork consists of an Americanized manga, but features representations of modern full metal yoyo’s. The book is well illustrated and explains things well enough. At the end instead of acting like you are ready to be the champ, it says there hundreds of other tricks to master. The last page starts with this is just the beginning so at least it is being honest. Also I wish it went into types of yoyo’s and yoyo maintenance but nope, they had to cut out that essential information. So the book is a good absolute beginners introduction.


Tricks: 3/10 missing stuff like brain twister and picture tricks

Explanations: 7/10

Artwork: 5/10

Overall informative factor: 6/10

Overall: 21/40 Mediocre

One is a light up yoyo, with a weird piece of plastic that does not lock in like other yoyo’s, it spins relatively freely. However out of the box this yoyo is sorta of unresponsive and takes 3 wraps around the axle to become consistently responsive. This yoyo is extremely loud and kicks up and down occasionally. I was able to do every trick in this book with this yoyo(Easy tricks made hard by a bad yoyo). But if I wasa beginner I would give up and say this yoyo is broken.

Lightup yoyo:

1A: 2/10
2A: 1/10
On the string: 1/10 Dies immediately
Weight 3/10 way to light
Looks: 5/10 nice ripoff of duncans pulse lighting system not the yoyo

Overall: 12/50

The next one does not unscrew, and is thinner. One side has a spike for use as a spintop. The only thing I could get this yoyo to do was loop and walk the dog. Not a bad looper. Again it feels light and cheap. Each half is not locked down, so they spin, but it relatively stable while spinning.

Rating Spintop yoyo:

Looping: 6/10

1A: 1/10

As a Spintop: 3/10 it spins

Contruction: 3/10 Bad quality

overall: 13/40

So I believe that this set could ruin a potential yoyoer forever. The yoyo’s are fun to challenge your mad skills with. But an imperial and a pulse could do just as good a job except with ten times better construction.

Stats Lightup:

50 grams

Diameter: 2.5 inches

Width 1.2 inches

Stats Spintop:

35 grams

Diameter: 2.2 inches

Width: 1.1 inches


So I hope you found this review informative.

There will be two more in this series of reviews. A set with two clutch yoyo’s and a surprise one

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