Yoyo badge.

Ok so i’m going to be teaching my pathfinder group (it’s a church version of scouts) a yoyo badge. Here are the requirements, and i wanted to know what you think of it. Like is there anything i left out or i should take out, stuff like that. Just let me know what you think.

  1. Know the history of the Yo-Yo.

  2. Know parts and uses of parts of Yo-Yos
    A. Axle
    B. Bearing
    C. Spacers/shims
    D. Body
    E. String
    F. Caps
    G. Response system
    H. Counter weights
    I. Hubstacks/spikes

  3. Know five main styles of Yo-yoing.
    a. 1a
    b. 2a
    c. 3a
    d. 4a
    e. 5a

  4. Know the different shapes of Yo-Yos and the materials they are made of

  5. Know and perform the following tricks.

a. Gravity pull
b. Sleeper
c. Walk the dog
d. Forward pass
e. Brake away
f. Around the world
g. Rock the baby
h. Creeper
i. flag
j. Eiffel tower
k. UFO

  1. Know the different types of tricks

a. Front style
b. Side style
c. Slack
d. Whip
e. Grinds
f. Tunnel
g. looping

  1. Define these terms

a. Freestyle
b. Compulsory
c. Trick latter
d. Artistic performance
e. Anodizing
f. Bead blasted

  1. How can you use yo-yoing as an outreach?

  2. Have fun


“I” dont know a few of these…then again…
I suppose if you teach it to them first

It’s not one of the 5 main styles.

Some of the tricks??

Badge? We don’t need no stinking badge! :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously, I’ve thought about a Skill Toy badge (consisting of yo-yo’s, spin tops, diabolos, and the like) for Boy Scouts, but I never really went in depth with it. I think it’s a great idea, though. Let us know if you’re able to pull it off!

Not one of the main styles…

Sems pretty nice. Good luck.

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OK i will. :wink:

I don’t think “Types of tricks” should be there. Mostly because the other things that you listed fall under “Old School.”


Isnt that a little much for some kids who are doing something like boyscouts? I’m not discouraging it, but if I was a Boy scout and I had to choose between this and something easy like bird watching that consisted of finding and identifying 8 kinds of birds, I would be all over the bird watching. (asuming that I didnt like yoyos)

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without 0a there would never be any of the other styles! lol

I agree and also, I think hubstacks should be removed from the parts of the yoyo unless you explain that there are some without them. Also, if you add hubstacks, I think spikes should also be added because they are the counterpart of hubstacks.

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Edit: Changed it a little.

Tunnel tricks? Please define.

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Sorry didn’t meen to thank. Tunnel tricks are arm tricks (i think) like tricks that go around your arm.

Why a badge? I also do not know what B and D is under #7.

What kind of person are you when you apologize for thanking someone? Really? Haha! Thanks for the clarification, but ain’t that called…grinding? Who knows! ;D