Yoyo Appraisal Thread

I think they are cool engravings. Imo its the coolest way to mark a b grade

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@Lewivlone you think someone would trade with me for a caribou lodge?

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I mean sure why not, if it’s something they’re looking for or would like to try right?:woman_shrugging:t4:, i think it plays really nice great for casual

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Ok thanks for the input, I think it’s just a little big for me and might put it up.

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Wondering if anyone knows how much I would be able to get for this?
Fair Condition C3 Trident (2 scratches and a weird part of ano, little bit of vibe, not noticeable on string)

Have never seen much interest in one so I’m guessing I can’t get more than 50 or 60 for but what do you guys think?

I’m selling a trident as well!

Hey I am here’s seeking an expert’s opinion on particular yoyo I found on eBay. I have a couple days to look into this, I don’t want to bid with out learning a bit more. I can’t find much information online I was hoping to find someone with an expert opinion.

Its called the turbo Bumblebee PlayMaxx original yo-yo. If anyone can offer some inside I’d really appreciate it.

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There’s lots of info on this with a simple google search.

Is this your item and you’re just trying to advertise it here on these forums?


That seems much more likely. I’m surprised somebody bid on that, unless it’s @YoyoQuestyo trying to bump up the price.


There’s another “Buy Now” one listed for over $100. These aren’t that rare yet, are they?

Years ago I bought a bunch at Sports Authority on clearance for $7. I used them as “give to new yoers” yoyos. I have at least one left…


Probably left over from the boom. I don’t understand the prices for some of the vintage Playmaxx stuff, those are a special collectors bread I guess buying those. $5,500 for a clear plastic looper? Be probably cheaper to machine your own bootleg if you had to have it


Looks to be the case…
From the ebay ad:

Item location:
Mesa, Arizona, United States

From his registration here:

IP Address Lookup

Mesa, Arizona, United States


You are a boss. Good looking out jhg


i’ve noticed the ones on cards seem to go for more than the ones in plastic boxes too…

I reported the item to ebay so they can check it out to make sure the bid is legit.


I just wanted learn more about this item. Please twitch77, can you show me where I can i can find all that info on this? Because I’m having trouble finding any information on the worth point of this particular yo-yo in the pristine condition that it’s in.

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As an FYI, I recently sold one new in box for $40. In my opinion that was the high end of the market. I’ve seen them higher but I wouldn’t pay more for one. They’re not particularly rare IMO.


You had this exact same item? I ask because I’ve been searching for an image of this exact same one elsewhere. I’m only finding photos and information on opened used and damaged (Bumblebee) yo-yos. I’ve seen these used for around $40 sure, But this is the only one I can find that’s available NEW. For the sake of comparison shopping, if I can’t find a comparison I’m going to seek expert opinion.

mind sending me some pictures of the Superstar?