Yoyo Appraisal Thread

Can some one please tell me what this could be worth as im clueless, just received it in the mail and am not entirely sure I am going to keep it.

It like brand new not a mark on it


any help would be appreciated


There is one up on the BST in a different colorway.

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So you actually just get random yoyos in the mail? What kind of friends do you have!

Thanks man appreciate it. Just wanted to know what to ask so I’m not asking too much.

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Yes, that’s right people just send me random yo-yos in the mail…

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Hi guys,

Have just dug out my yoyos from a few years back and looking to offload to better homes. Looking for appraisals for;

  • One Drop 54, Hulk Smash colorway, pretty good condition, silver pointy side effects
  • YoyoFactory Primo, Gold Ano, good condition
  • YoyoFactory Superstar, Silver & Sky Blue camo, great condition, stacks smooth
  • YoyoFactory Supernova, Deep Blue & Black Splash, Excellent condition w/box
  • HSpin Icon, Blue & Silver, good condition, few scuffs
  • One Drop Code2 Nautilus, Black/Gunmetal w/magenta Splash (UK NATS edition), smooth as, black pointed side effects

Any tips etc would be fab.


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54, $50 maybe $60

Primos don’t go for much unfortunately. I say unfortunately because they play awesome. $35

Superstar, $70

Supernova: Is it a USA made 7075 aluminum, or Chinese 6061? Usa-- $75, Chinese – $40

Icon: my guess is $25

Code 2: $75 if its in excellent condition

These are just my opinions. Hope you can get more for them, you never know.

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Hi Doug,

Many thanks for the speedy reply- that’s fantastic, thank you very much for your guidance. I’m going to be eBaying them so I can use your suggestions as guide prices and go from there.

Is there anywhere else you’d recommend I list them before trying eBay?

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You can sell them here on yoyoexpert. There’s also a facebook yoyo BST that people sell them on. I would try these 2 first, then ebay if they don’t sell.

Perfect, thanks!

One Drop Project.
How much is a mint one worth? I’m just curious because the Markmont Project 2 is releasing soon and I have a Rebirth.

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How much does one of these go for? 40 made of each color but like is it rare?

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Pool party banana hammock.

They pop up every now and then. It doesn’t seem like they’re overly sought after. If I remember correctly, they’re usually priced around $40-50.


Sounds about right

Was thinking of selling mine too, but idk yet

What color?

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Mine is the og pineapple fade prob looking for like fifty bucks as it’s like never been thrown but I’d see if there’s interest

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Green fade


The pickaxes indicate that it is “fools gold” which is CLYW’s version of a b-grade yoyo either for anodization flaws or vibe.

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It was ano, plays dead smooth, I feel the pickaxe engraving adds to the banana hammock cause it’s pretty bland other wise