Yoyo Appraisal Thread II

Price check on this Solid Orange Chief! Has a few small imperfections but otherwise in great shape.


I believe this era was machined by One Drop with that Pyramatte finish. Just South of $200, but Chiefs have been on the up and up so they might get more from the right buyer.

Curious what this mini star 2 would fetch

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$100 is what I got for mine, it was a BA ten year anniversary

Might can get $110 if you hold out a week or two

General yo seems to fluctuate a lot

I’m purging more A-RT throws. What is the current thinking on a price for Dales?


I would be posting here on other time… Like to get grand total sum for insurance agents car home fire theft many my yoyo are older then some folks whom ask when did i start 1980’s how old is the oldest yoyo 1930s to present 2024.

So yes one day i ll post here and net the total for me to pay for yoyos that well be set diffrent price point for the fact rare or low numbers with margin for tax right off so yes i will need to say thanks for starting this thread for me to see… It helps me think what i keep and what i sale to keep from losing what i know is the reason i posted today.

Thanks again.

Unfortunately these aren’t getting their initial purchase value, though you have a cool colorway, pending how you list with shipping and fees < $120

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Cheers, thanks for that - Yeah, not looking to make maximum levels of coin but did a deal which was right along those lines.


Might buy a bundle to get 9 yoyos. I would be selling everything pictured to make up some of the cost. Can anyone help price these items individually?

@JeiCheetah might have any idea

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Found these at an antique shop today. Are the worth anything? Is anyone interested in them? All are in the packages sealed, 2 books, and a bc case?


Id be interested in the Avengers

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Might take you up on it after I see what they’re going for! I don’t wanna shoot in the dark lol


Recently been clearing out my attic and discovered my old AnY Happy YoYo Air rider, 025.
It hasn’t been used in over 15 years plus I’d imagine, and I have no idea what value it is or what I paid for it brand new. Any advise on how much it’s worth now, and best place to sell?
Ryan Jones, UK based.



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What would you guys say is a fair price for this G2 bundle, getting rid of stuff i dont play before going to worlds :innocent::green_heart::blue_heart:

Mile High edition Respawn - mint
Mini banshee - mint
Brass luna - mint
Half Swap AL7 Carbine -mint
Gotham Life -mint
AL 7 Digi Camo life -mint

Banshee - beat inclduing for free (still smooth somehow lol)