Your opinions matter..please help me!

My goal is to create a place where I can share my freehands with people potentially starting out with collecting or old school players like myself

Please give me some feedback. I know i can improve this alot.

Please go easy on me. Im not a professional here.

My goal is to really pick up blogging with individual freehands I have, how many were made. Who I got them from and maybe a realistic value of how much today they could sell for.

Any suggestions would seriously be appreciated.


Write about each yoyo specifically. A page for each one. The history of it. Who modded it. What impact the modded had on the community. How it caught your eye. What it means to you. If modded, how it positively or negatively impacted play.

Value is so subjective. After you post on your blog, copy and paste and make a post on here with pictures asking for folks to assign value, better yet, put said post in the yoyo appraisal thread.

Most of all, don’t make it work, just do it if it’s fun so tht you keep your love for yoyos.


Hey thank you for all of that. I’m very new it but I like where your head is. Thank you.

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To me, blogging on a website is a longer read and more than 1 picture per post.

I would put a lot more info down, thoughts, opinions, specs, pictures, videos. Show yourself playing it so people know what it looks like while being thrown too. Show more pictures of it (specifically I would have every throw always have a Face/Profile/Response picture, then some artsy stuff after.) it compared to other Freehands? idk what FH collectors are interested in but just give more content if you’re using a website. If you don’t have more content to add; Instagram is your friend.

For reference, Ed and Doc Pop come to my mind when I think of yo-yo blogs. Doc’s is more of a personal blog than strictly Yo-Yo’s, and Ed doesn’t really consistently post, but you can see what I mean about length and amount of content using them as examples.

Good luck, it’s very much a personal journey/thing, so take my words lightly, it’s just my view on the subject and not at all a definitive “you have to do it this way or you’re not blogging.” I’m just throwing my 2cents in.



Thank you for your suggestions. Just made a new page for this beauty. Hope you enjoy


Do you want to open it up for other submissions? It would be cool just to have a place to see random freehands that people have modified and painted.


If you or anyone would like to submit Freehands and write up about it I would be more than happy to post it. Originally I thought about sharing just my freehands, but thats why I wanted to open this up for opinions. I feel like back in the day there used to be so much knowledge on these freehands. Hoping to learn alot myself with these post so I would love to see everyones submissions.


Here’s my higby zero that was modified by pyrotechnic to take yyf small bearing pads.


Hey Joe! That is a beautiful higby. Do you mind telling me more about it? Do you know when John did the work? Is it apart of the original 1000 he did for Duncan? Is the other signed numbered by chance? Can you take pictures of the work pyrotechnic did and a shot of both sides.

Thanks brother.

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Sakura post is great. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about it, I’ve always wanted one of those but I knew they were rare - didn’t know how rare. Shocking that they fetch so much money.

I personally don’t own any old FHZ’s. It would be nice to learn a list of possible mods, what they do, and how to do them, and differences between all the iterations of Freehands.

Great start!

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