Collectors corner….

we need a Collectors sub- thread for people who collectors more than players….we can babble on endlessly about what to hold on to…when will the trade market improve…is it time to buy plastic…?

I don’t really know much about the “collectors” portion of the community… though I guess I could easily consider myself a part of them. I don’t have a tremendous collection (9 all metals, a dark magic, and some other duncan plastics) but I’m pretty proud of the collection I have. I even do weird stuff like keep the packages the yo-yos come in (I specifically like YYF boxes for some reason) but I’ve also kept my SPYY and HSpin Boxes as well.

Edit: I left out the detail where I sometimes feel as though I enjoy buying/owning yo-yos more than I enjoy actually throwing them. That seems to be a pretty relevant detail so I decided to edit it in lol

I actually like this idea but would it get much use?
How many people would come in here and not even be a collector, start causing problems and then I’ll be getting a lot of PM’s.

What’s the hurt in trying…?

I’ll have to run it by Andre but I’ll try.

how much use does the spintop section get?

answer a question with a question. ya foo ai koo liek dat


This might be good. Sometimes you come upon an unmarked throw and need to know what it is. I bet there are a lot of people with a lot of yoyos. After my trading spree (assuming I get them all) I will have 26 yoyos.

Ask and you shall receive.

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that was fast


Let it be known. I am GOOD!

wow thanks icthus!