Your friendly neighborhood Spiderman

…is an all new person. Apparently, Marvel comics have (or are planning on, I don’t know) killing off Peter Parker and replacing him with this new guy. Peter Parker’s replacement is a guy named Miles Morales, whose supposed to be some Hispanic/African American mix (nothing racist intended, just stating). The CBSNY article can be found here while the USA Today article can be found here.

Kind of old news, I just noticed it hasn’t been brought up yet. Never really got into comic books too much but I find the whole scenario rather funny. IMO, a bad move on Marvel.

Any comic book fans out there with thoughts?

Aren’t they remaking the original Spider Man Movie?

When I saw Transformers I saw a Spiderman trailer. It had Peter Parker.

:’( Peter parker was my hero! Why would they replace him! >:(. I named all my pet frogs peter parker when i was little, he was my favorite hero. Well, at least its just that comic i guess

Spider-Man has always had clumsy things done to the story. During the 90’s they couldn’t do anything with the story so they said that for the last 20 years it was actually a clone named Ben Reiley. Then they killed May and brought her back. Peter and MJ were forced into an alternate reality (brand new day) where they are no longer married and don’t really know each other.

Brand New Day was precisely when I stopped reading. That was it for me. That story really angered me, cause the books were getting super awesome.

I think it’s kind stupid for them to just completely replace the main character with someone else. If marvel really wanted some diversity in their comics, draw a new one

Great, how is Spiderman supposed to save the day when he’s busy driving around the city trying to sell oranges from the back of his truck?

Yeah, agreed!

It’s poor story telling, not Peter Parker they need to change.

Interesting info. Guess that’s one reason why you never see many “die hard Spiderman fans” out there (though I’m sure they exist).

I read lots of DC comic books. The only Marvel one I read is X-Men

i prefer marvel to dc… the only dc that I like is Green Lantern. My dad has a huge collection of the original marvel comics, so I grew up reading the Fantastic 4, Spiderman, Captain America, X-Men and the Hulk

There was a radio interview about this. Marvel is redoing most of their popular comic books, and starting over so to speak. They say that they want to make this generation feel like this is “their” set of comic books.

Still a bad idea in my opinion.

As of this September DC did this to own all the rights to the characters. But I’m a die-hard DC fan. Most of you have probably seen my tattoo sleeve.

DC…Batman…Superman…nuff said…
as for Spiderman…who cares…peter parker is a cry-baby…I too find the Hispanic/African American mix funny…do you think he’ll be quick tempered…! I can just see the Hollywood stereotypes they’re gonna throw at this and get away with….only thing I read now is The Walking Dead…