Young padawans (in yo-yoing)


I recently got 2 friends into yo-yoing and it’s very rewarding to see a peer look up to you as there yomaster. Especially when they only learn with you there because they use your throw :smiley: . Anyway the real point of this thread, is just a friendly reminder that teaching is great fun, and spreads the awesome ‘sport’ of yo-yoing. And I’d like to encourage you to teach someone :slight_smile:


As an added benefit, teaching is one of the best ways to polish one’s own skills.

Think you’re fine with a particular element or trick? Wait until you teach it and you want it to be perfect for your student; or things that you already “know” but don’t pay attention to, watch how focused you become on getting those right.

Thanks for sharing! Glad teaching has been so rewarding for you.