teaching a noob

how many of you taught someone else how to yoyo? im trying to teach my brother and need tips cuz i keep getting frustrated >:( not all of us are like andre and can teach tons of people. so please help me out or just post about ur first time teaching someone

Just show him the tuts here… ;D

Well, a lot of times the frustrating things with teaching is that the student doesn’t practice. For instance, teach him how to throw properly, then once he understands let him practice it on his own with the exception of asking you questions. Once he gets that down teach him something else. Importent thing to remember is it’s mostly up to him weather or not he learns it.

  1. Have him throw.

  2. Observe

  3. IF:
    a. he does it right, congratulate him with a cookie.
    b. he doesn’t do it right, punch him in the face.

He’ll learn eventually…