You know I talk about the "spirit" and "flow" quite a bit

Gotta agree with Studio on this one.

The awkward dancing just seemed like he was trying to take attention away from his sub par yoyoing.

Tier 3 performance.

I am greatly surprised the thought of the word “awkward” would even be fathomed of with this honestly.
I saw nothing but pure flow and essence when I watched it, even without the yoyo, I would be impressed by the fluid and expression within the dance form.
Sub par yoyoing I would def disagree with. While it may not be technical, many of the motions and flow that he had in the tricks he was doing are actually difficult to make as smooth and graceful as he has managed to do so.

I was talking to some other players about this actually, and one thing I noticed, is that many of the asian players I speak with got the same sort of image that I got out of it, while many american players saw it as nothing much at all. Not sure why this is, but something interesting I noticed.

Ok, watching it again, twice, I have to agree with Josh. It’s actually pretty entertaining. Now I’m not sure if that’s because I really enjoy the music, but I think the yoyo’ing was nice, simplicity does wonders in some circumstances. In this case, simplicity is key. When he does “more than simple”, he’s still moving and flowing. Granted, it’s not the most impressive yoyo trickology I’ve seen, it’s not supposed to be. But as far as this is “Male bovine excrement” no, not at all. I would actually stand and clap after seeing this, but it’s just me and I might be getting weird.

I think just towards the middle to the end, he starts getting so intense and into it that it kind of freaks people out a little bit. But it ended very nicely. I give him props.

I’ll say it again, the UFO part was sick.

I 100% agree with this assessment. It was not yoyoing at heart. It was interpretive dancing with a few sleepers thrown in. That is not yoyoing!

I agree with studio as well. Any dancer could do this. It is just a dance routine with a sleeper here and there.

I will say again,

apparently most of you are clearly not seeing what I am seeing, and not being impacted in the same way that I am.

Again though, I am honestly baffled as to why others I have spoken to about this from Asian countries get the same impact that I do, where as players here in the US see it as nothing more than “trashy dance with sleepers”. Theres some sort of strange cultural mindset going on here, that apparently I have the other.

Regardless, I am saddened to see that many can’t see the pure soul, spirit, essence, and magic that I see when I watch this. I literally found myself almost in tears from the sheer impact of the true yoyoing art form I saw in this, I truly wish others could see what I see, as it left me floored the first day I saw it, and I feel has done something huge for me in how I see yoyoing, and how I want my yoyoing to be, which is true expression of the soul, and bringing out of the inner spirits.


I guess we all see things differently, but it’s cool that you think what you do. We just can’t see it no matter what. I am speaking for myself, but I think others relate.


Soul, spirit, essence, and magic are meaningless terms to me in the way you use them. Guess I’m just too cynical XD. Well if you enjoyed the video as much as you said, that’s awesome! To each their own.