You don't remember everything.

But going back to visit some old concepts is often very beneficial, for as you may find you cannot do that element or move you used to, the process in trying to find it again will often lead to many new things.
Don’t think of your old tricks as “old stuff” and “long gone”, but points on a journey, to which traveling back for supplies it very well warranted.
The journey is never done, though our spirit will forever strive onward, and the spirit within the Yoyo is greatly fed by the “meals” it had and loved in the past.

Take this into account.



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There’s still value in “old” tricks, and you might discover new things by going back to them from time to time. Don’t just dismiss them!

(mutters something about spirits and meals)

Wow that was deep… I feel enlightened Haru! Maybe your on to a Yoyo Yoga revolution! I can see myself using the lotus pose with throws in each hand (short strings of course) and meditating on OLD TRICKS! ;D

Hmm yes.

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Meditation is actually very beneficial in yoyoing practices I find. Some may think of it as silly but I have found great benefit.



Yoyoing is my meditation

I remember when you were doing a live videochat I was there and you tried to do ladder escape but you forgot how to xD


same :slight_smile: helps me think clearly.

Oh my gosh hun you have no idea how much that annoyed me > . < I learned that trick when it was required for a strange trick battle game of “horse” on Theyo many years back. So I literally learned it just because it was the required trick and had since never done it. So yes, I totally forgot how to do said trick, but regardless, I did find an interesting string mount from a little twist from one of the middle steps, so I’m looking for ways to take it into a full length trick. :slight_smile:

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I love doing this. When I’m stuck on something or in a creative rut, I always go back and watch my old videos to see what I can do and have forgotten. Sometimes I forget just because I’m better now, doesn’t mean I didn’t have some good stuff then. :wink:

Indeed, I was just watching an older video of mine from 2008, and I caught a little concept I had not used in a while. Been messing around with it today. Great fun!

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