You are now a crayon

Color the world.


I will color it RAINBOW

What happens when I run out of wax?

Use blood…

:frowning: Nobody uses me…

               -White crayon

You can play with me!

         -colored paper

;D Best friends for like EVAR!!!

Ahhhhhhh! The sunnnnnnnnnnnn! :-[

Darkish blackish blue, the night will be forever!

Ouch! My head! Stop coloring with me!

No breaking me 2 year olds I may be a bright red crayon but don’t break me in 2!

Someone stripped me naked, attached me to the top of a canvas along with a bunch of my friends, and then melted me with a hair dryer!!!

How am I supposed to color the world now???

I’m that one crayon with the stupid name :frowning:

        ~Twinkle Winkle Pinkle Green

that is really awesome!

No I’m not black I’m VIOLET! >:( … lol :smiley:

Tell that to the crayons.




              -White Crayon

that picture is you all over.

Best ship.

I don’t look like a crayon

I don’t feel like a crayon

I don’t smell like a crayon

I don’t smell like a crayon

I don’t taste like a crayon

I’m a crayon!