Yomega x yoyojam firestorm


What are your thoughts on it? Is anyone going to buy one?


It looks like a decent throw, but the name confuses me. I wish they would have thought of a new name for the collaboration. I’ve had a FireStorm for about 14 years.

https://farm3.staticflickr.com/2900/14529703617_1215a43774_c.jpgFirestorm by onestringsamurai, on Flickr


I’m probably going to pick one up asking with an upgrade kit. Or at the very least just the response pads because i have extra bearings. I was thinking about getting a YYJ Classic, and this seems like an all around upgraded version. I’m not a huge fan of the design in the cup area, but everything else looks good to me. My biggest worry about the Classic was the weight, because it’s really light. Because the Firestorm is made of celcon, it’s a nice weight of 66g which is about perfect to me. I do wish they had better colors though…


I’ve got one. Haha. I won it at Yolextravaganza. It’s pretty nice.


Looks kinda cool; I just grabbed one to fool around with - the price is right and I like the material it’s made from.




Wrong sir. That there is a Firestorm WING. 2 completely different names, I can not see how you find any resemblance between the names Firestorm WING and Firestorm.


My mistake. ;D