Yomega Rhody-o Ooch Smoov RARE

I haven’t seen this yo-yo around in ages.
Signature throw of Ooch, the face of Yomega. This came out around the same time as the Kerrari, the signature throw of Yomega’s Rob Kitts. Unfortunately this throw was in the middle of a flood and the box got all damaged and the throw got dinged up and the pads(lack thereof) need to be replaced. Other than that, this is a hell of a throw and I wouldn’t bet on seeing one of these on the market again. I have put a center trac bearing in the yo-yo to help it spin longer and be completely unresponsive.
Because it’s so rare, I’m asking $400 shipped. If you find it somewhere else, I’ll negotiate price. Reasonable counters accepted.

image image

You should be real. I like Ooch and his stuff but that’s a high price to pay for a yoyo that’s been through a flood, has ding marks and no response pads. No matter how rare, that’s way to much for something in such rough shape. Idk if you’d get more than $40 for it and I’m a big Yomega fan :man_shrugging:


Supply & demand. Plus, it’s been sold. Thanks for your time :slight_smile:


Curious, how much did it sell for?


I’m curious as well. I can’t believe you got anywhere near $400 for that.

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