yomega power spin?

My cousin said he was cleaning out his garage and found an old yomega. He sent me a pic (can’t find it) and its called a power wing or something like that. Im not 100% sure on the name… Its imperial shaped.

So if you know what it is, is it really old? Or rare O_o? Will it play good at all? Haha thanks guys!

edit: I did some research and its a power spin I guess. The color he has is clear.

probably the clutch yoyo.
they had one called the power Spin wing, Neither one is going to get you rich.
Its likly the Clutch yoyo though they had a wing version that had domed caps.

There were no caps,it was a weird shape and the edge of the outside curved in a lot.

Had to dig waaaay to the back of the drawer for this one. I don’t know when they quit making them, but I’ve had this one for almost 20 years. It had a plastic bushing rather than a bearing. It is pretty much a Fireball without caps. Mine had Raider guts swapped into it about 10 years ago.
It’s pretty light for it’s size.

yup thats it! Mine is clear. Sometimes its unresponsive, and sometimes its not,why? I can only get it to spin for about 15 seconds.

use thick lube for the bushing.

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