yo you guys also think its extremely fun to experiment with yo's?


Hey guys, is it me, or is it super awesome to try new yoyo shapes, sizes, hubstacks,z stacks, side effects etc. I also live meeting new friends and trying their yoyos. Like “you can try mine if I try yours!” I love doing that! I did it with a monster,MVP,mvp2,888x, mutant DNA, and more. Do you guys also do this allll the time?

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Nah, I prefer to proof read my posts before I make topics instead. It’s much more enjoyable than doing that kind of thing, and I find it helps me communicate with others much easier. Much easier.


Lol, I editeded??? It.

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Now edit that one too. haha


that is what made me a collector. I wish I could trade away after playing but have never let a yoyo go once I had it. Yes trying different sizes, shapes, weights, and everything in between keeps me playing more than my tricks. I am at 88 high end metals, not counting my plastics, and enjoy doing what I call world tours. I can spend hours throwing one for about 5 minutes then off to the next. The hum is different, the thuds are different, the speed is different. I just love the little subtleties about each yoyo. I do have a fav but will throw and average of 10 different a day. who cares about editing its a forum not an english paper.


I would like to experiment with different yoyos, but I don’t know many other people that throw. So, I experiment with different styles instead.


All I can say is yes. I love this so much.


I remember the first time I tried a hubstacked yoyo, it was so fun! I think it was an 888x or a mutant DNA, I had so much fun with it, I hand started it and spun it with one finger and it was awesome!