YO-YOs from the 90's FOR SALE!

Hello everyone. My name is Allan and I’m a former pro spinner from the 90’s. Used to be in a team called Team High Performance in Hawaii.

I am selling my yo-yo collection but I don’t have a feel for the pricing so please make offers if interested.

There probably aren’t too many THP fans these days, but I put up some THP memorabilia just for the record!

I have too many yoyo-s to put up one by one so I posted all the pics on a Facebook page.

Early 90’s Yomega Brain
Early 90’s Fireball Jewel
Pro-Spinner Fireball Yo-yo (yellow)
Pro-Spinner Fireball Yo-yo (pink)
RBII Black
Bandai Raider
Glow in the Dark
and more…

just have a look!

I’m getting responses by PM only so I’m bumping this thread.

I appreciate your messages and looks like some of you Liked the facebook page. Thanks!

I’m thinking about selling the Fireball Jewel for $100… Mixed feelings. bump