Yo-yoers In Washington State!

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Hey It has come to my attention that there are actually quite a few yoyoers in WA state and was wondering just how close we all are? I live very close to yoyoripp and popNfresh HDZ. Maybe we can get a small list of all the yoyoers in Washington then find out how close we all are!


What part of Washington do you live at?

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Eastern, around the Kennewick Richland area.


I don’t live near that area.


Im out in the Everett area. lots of yoyo love in the N.W


i know this has been a while but I live around Everett area too 0_0


Whidbey Island, over here.


That’s cool sorry it took so long for the reply lol haven’t opened this thread in a while. There needs to be a group meeting or something. Check out the Washington state (or Washington ) yoyo club on Facebook. That’s were the majority of the Washington throwers are I believe. Its hard for me to get out cause of being a single parent but hopefully we can all get together soon


I live in the Woodinville area ;D


My grandma lives in Yakima…if I’m ever up there ill hit you up :wink:

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For sure!