Possible Washington Yoyo Club

Thinking about it, I noticed that Washington doesn’t many Yoyoers compared to other states. It could be that I’m not in Seattle and that they do have a club, but I’m not in Seattle and when was there last meet?

So I talked to my good friend M.Dev1 about this, and he agrees. Both him and I live in lower/eastern Washington, along with yoyoripp.

Why am I mentioning this?
I am considering holding a Yoyo club,(well more of a meet up, but it can turn into one.), for lower/eastern Washington in Tri cities. Tri Cities is more known than small towns in Washington and it’s closer to Oregon.

The main question is, will people go. I know at least three people,(including myself), will be there, but who else will be going if we do hold this meet up?

Don’t ask if its held in Kennewick, Richland, or Pasco, not much is official yet .

Hey there,

I just saw this post but it has been two years since you wrote it so I’m not sure if you are still looking to get a group together, or if you have already formed a group? If so, I would love to get in on a group with you guys. I’m in the Tri Cities.



Hey i’m from walla walla. if you guys end up wanting to start a yoyo club in Tri-cities, email me at cid.kewl@rocketmail.com. i’d be totally down