Yo-Yoers around California


Hey my name is David and I’m 19 yrs old. Is there anyone that lives near or around Burbank California USA?


California is where I’d say 75% of the yoyo scene in the US located so there should be some throwers around you.


Yup and I know about 40 other yoyoers too.


I live in Glendale, around 10 minutes from Burbank.


I live in Whittier


Cool Im looking for a group or to start a group that gets together. Also I want to get better at yo-yoing and I need some help.


Rialto ;D


I live in Norcal. San Francisco, Bay Area


Check out my post one down from this one :smiley: “Southern California Yoyo Community” we are also on Facebook as a group. We will be getting together again July the 26th.

I’m in Pomona