Yo-yo Profile Pictures

I was surprised when I looked at the new Grasshopper GTX pictures; and saw no profile picture of the yo-yo. All I saw were perspective shots that did not show me the way that the yo-yo was shaped.

I hope this is an oversight. The profile picture is essential for evaluating the yo-yo; and how it will play. Not having one is like blurry picture on ebay. It convinces me they are hiding something.

I hope YYE will keep the policy of showing a profile picture for all yo-yo’s they sell.


I agree with this…a profile shot is a must IMHO.


Yes. We are catching up to it. We have still had reduced hours for all the staff due to our building’s and state’s requirements here in MA and therefore I used Duncan’s pictures while we catch up to getting our own pictures taken of them! But we will! :blush:


Hey YoYoGeezer,

I appreciate your concern; I’m just echoing Andre’s note below. We are also short in staff in our graphics department (Most of them are working from home, and old…), so for Grasshopper GTX specifically, the photos we have are outsourced. It’s not our standard procedure and even YYE too, I believe.

If you have any specific questions regarding the yo-yo or color you wanted, let me know.

Thank you,


I appreciate the shortage of resources. I was actually afraid hat YYE was letting the manufacturers do these pictures.