Yo-ers or Yo-Yo stores in North Eastern PA

I’m in Sayre, not too far from elmira, Binghamton, Towanda, andd Waverly? anybody know where those are? If you do, how about a Yo-yo Store nearby me? I want to be able to yo-yo with somebody and not by myself. And yes, i have googled this quite a few times.

Hey, I know where Sayre is. I go to college in West Virginia but I’m from Bainbridge, 30 mins from Binghamton (Go Sens Go!) I don’t know of any yoyo shops around there or any other yoyoers. I agree though, after a while it gets boring just practicing by myself.

hey, I know Michael Gleockner lives in Sayre. hit him up on here.

he actually graduated two years ago. He’s at PSU.